V2 Custom Flavors: Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

With the wide range of products available in the market, now there is a huge competition. Every brand has some unique thing to add to your world online. Nowadays, buying an e-cigarette and juices is as simple as online shopping for any other thing you buy online. All you have to do review some sites online. Take advantage of V2 coupon and promo codes for your online shopping experience and voila a new box of starter kits, flavors, cartridges and what not, will all be available at your doorstep to your convenience.

The personal vaping world is expanding. The rise of population using e-cigs has given rise to a huge market demand that asks for different flavors and cartridges. Every brand that manufactures or sales e-cigarettes is at their heels to what would lure their consumers. In terms of flavors each and every brand wants to define and make their own stand in the market and amongst the consumers by providing different flavors and juices.

In the verge of this rise in competition in the market due to increase in consumption of e-cigarettes and juices, every company wants to deliver the best to their consumers and stay above the pack. At this venture, V2 cigs has joined the revolution by catering to the needs of inquisitive minds that chose ecigs over traditional cigarettes in the first place.

V2 provides its regular users a chance to customize their own flavor. In a market where there is a need for constant production and connectivity to the needs of a common man. V2 gives you an opportunity to think of any flavor and send it to them and they guarantee the delivery in 30-90 days. If you ever bored with the routine stuff that is available in stored right now, all you have to do is go to the V2 website. Think of a flavor real hard and just inform V2 about it. In two or three days a customer sales agent will contact you on the phone just to give it a personal touch. It is just that simple.

It doesn’t get better than that. Not just any regular flavor you can think of like whisky or tiramisu. But you can also match your preference to get an added kick to your flavor profile like chicken with mayonnaise or chocolate and vanilla. It is so exciting and mouth watering just thinking about it.

You can order as many flavors you can think of and then mix and match. These will be all with your regular dose of nicotine varying from 0.1 to 2.4% depending on your strength of intake. V2 also has a huge range of a hundred odd regular flavors available on the website for your regular intake.

So, if you are tired of the same old flavors then V2 custom flavor, then this is your best bet. You can go ahead and simply order online and have it delivered at home. You can avail a lot of discount, if you are using a bunch of V2 cigs promo codes. It will not only save you money but also provide you with a great shopping and vaping experience.

Best 3 Flavors of Halo, Apollo and Blu Ecigs

The recent surge in the e-cig industry has brought about a variety of flavors against the traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can even get your own custom made flavors. Throughout the years, Halo, Apollo and Blue cigs have maintained their reputation as the leading e-cigs in the market offering authentic tastes.

So what exactly are the top flavors of these e-cig giants?

Halo Ecigs

Halo is said to produce the best flavors out there. It is said that if you vape on Halo once, you won’t touch another e-liquid again. Amidst their variety, both product as well as user reviews show the following to be the most popular flavors:

Torque 56
Those who like strong tobacco taste almost always prefer Torque56. It has a rich taste, pleasing throat hit and a very authentic tobacco flavor. Smoke release is also good. Vaping on Torque is like smoking a real cigarette.

Prime 15
Prime 15 is also a very popular tobacco flavor. It has a tinge of sweetness on exhale and its taste is smooth and satiating. The throat hit is really good, perfect for everyone who loves tobacco.

Belgium cocoa
This juice is one of the best juices there is out there. With the delicious flavor of chocolate minus absolute sweetness, Belgian cocoa has a most pleasant taste. It’s got a good throat hit, smoky exhale and chocolate satisfaction.

Apollo Ecigs

Apollo is famed for constantly producing new flavors. There are so many, that it may be difficult for you to just pick out one in the beginning. So here are their top 3 flavors:

RY4 is a very popular flavor due to its strong tobacco taste. But that is not the end of it. It has caramel sneaks and a wonderful smoky finish. Its difficult to resist this flavor once you try it, and you will grabbing for another coupon code.

Baja burst
Named after the soft drink, Baja burst is a tasty fruity flavor that stands out amongst other flavors. Customer reviews rate it very highly. The taste is ideally sweet with brilliant vapor release. Vaping this flavor will leave you dazed in fruity effervescence.

When you are sick of other flavors, its only natural to return to vanilla. However, Apollo’s vanilla is addicting. The taste is lovely and light, and very rich. It’s like eating a vanilla cake. The smoke is good too. This is a perfect treat for vanilla lovers.

Blu Ecigs

Blu is renowned for its quality product, the best stuff you can find, and entirely made in the US. It has 7 delicious flavors and the most loved flavors are named below.

Classic tobacco
As the name suggests, Classic tobacco is for those who want a whiff of tobacco. It has the strong taste of tobacco that your original cigarette has and it’s a huge hit with smokers. The throat hit and smokiness, everything about it is great.

Java jolt
Inhaling java jolt is like drinking your cup of coffee. It has the authentic taste of coffee and a quite refreshing feel. The vapors are plenty and the aroma is great. All you have to do is puff and relax.

Vivid vanilla
It’s amazing how vanilla makes it to the top every time. Thus vanilla is perfect though as its got a captivating smell, and wonderful taste. You will be amazed how it captures your throat and heart at the same time. Its smoke is good too. In the end, you will be craving for more.

These amazing flavors all come with coupon codes and promo codes that you can use to get your discount. Choosing a flavor in the huge variety is tough, but with the knowledge of the top three, it’s time you grab your promo codes and get the right stuff. Here are the links to help you.


Brief History of E-Cigs: Get to Know Your Ecigs Better

E-cigarettes are the latest trend in today’s world. It has all the goodness of actual cigarettes minus the damages done by nicotine smoke. Cigarettes are the main reason behind all the tobacco related diseases that might threaten your life. Hence e-cigs are a great way of using tobacco without the disastrous side effects.

E-cigarettes were first conceptualized in 1963, by a guy named Herbert A. Gilbert. Back in those days there was no necessity of e-cigarettes as regular cigarettes were used. However the inspiration to do so, came to a Chinese pharmacist, Han lik after the death of his father through lung cancer. He created a method through which smokers can inhale nicotine without smoking it.

Soon the world spread of this new invention. Many Europeans started making their own brands and patenting their products. In 2006 “customizer” was introduced by XL distributors. It was launched in UK in 2007 and is very much popular even today. It was a new hand held, small cigarette shaped device that had all the looks and feel of a real cigarette.

In 2008, the World health organization or the WHO, in its review proclaimed that e-cigarette is not a substitute to regular smoking and asked for removal of any information on the products that indicated that it was WHO approved. This review caused a lot of debate and drew more attention to e-cigarettes.

Soon word spread about the new invention. Many smokers who had the responsibility of a family were inclined to purchase such a product to safeguard their and their family’s future. Many young adults who were aware of the disastrous effects of tobacco, but wanted to get high with tobacco reached out for an e- cigarette. Seeing this trend, many companies recognized the market and started manufacturing and selling their own brand of e-cigarettes. Now it is widely available in almost every store.

For the present generation of smoke addicts, it is a discount deal from many life-threatening diseases like lung cancer, throat cancer. This creative invention just might save your throat and lungs. And what’s more, the e-cigs are available through promo codes and the coupon codes. These discounts are easy to use and necessary for all young and the old smokers, if they want to save money.